Cats as Pets: Know one, Own one, Care for one

There isn’t enough feline love in this world for humans to grasp and maybe that’s the reason why we don’t that have that many Catdads and Cat Lovers. They’re creatures of less understood innocence and all they need is from the owner is to understand them. Let’s get a little bit more to know about them…

Too easy for Cryptocurrency: an outsider’s notion

Despite the fake outcry of why Cryptocurrency is bad for both economic and social concerns (which is kind of amusing if not appalling sometimes); there are some actual threats that Cryptocurrencies pose or face, maybe today; maybe tomorrow. Today we discuss those threats; how it's too easy for informed cryptocurrency platforms and the whole generation of enthusiastic users to blow the competition out of the water.

2 Spelling, 3 Grammatical, 4 Contextual checks- Proofreading your Content

Proofreading's important, not because it makes your content look good and because it checks some points on the compliance sheets. It's important because the audience that you're serving puts their deep trust in your cognitive abilities while visiting your content. Don't consider proofreading as a task, it's fun... Know how can you make it so.

Kaun Bola… (Who Said) Email Marketing’s an Occupational Hazard?

Making a Sale on the screen itself is what Email Marketing is known for in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France etc. So while we're busy demeaning the true potential of this Digital Marketing Jewel, there are some cold facts that one should know before diluting one's email campaign to a mere newsletter convention.

Citizens of Arunachal Pradesh…Wait what?? Writing Ethically Correct Content

How do you know your content is ethically and politically correct? How do you ensure that it doesn’t raise any eyebrows? Let’s be ethically correct and then we’d worry about the perceptively used political correctness. Wit Write Creative Solutions gives you the parinam rahe in how to write more Ethically...