Kaun Bola… (Who Said) Email Marketing’s an Occupational Hazard?

It’s only the captive units of overseas controlled thankless MNCs where we might find some legitimate Email Marketing Campaigning going on. People there are concerned about Interactivity, Responsiveness, Artificial intelligence, Predictive Emailing and all. In India, except for the likes of some elite businesses; decent email marketing is something which is considered more of a bane than a boon.

We have come across various clients looking for Email Marketing for Rookie Marketing, or Initial Business Marketing; to dump uselessness into inboxes of customer databases acquired illegally or not-by-consent. Most businesses don’t use email marketing data to continue campaigns and it merely becomes a lead generation source for their Salesforce (personnel).

Here’s a short fact check for Campaign Hacks to understand that Indian Email Marketing still has a lot more potential which hasn’t been completely realized. Falling short on the revolution of Email Marketing is our mistake and not of the Marketing Process.


Popular myths among Campaign Specialists regarding Email Campaigns:-

  • Social Media triumphs the ROI for businesses especially Non-E Commerce Online Businesses.
  • It’s necessary to be done because that’s where the leads come from and that’s the basic necessity of generating an online presence, which can be built upon a strong Social Media campaigning.
  • E-Mail marketing is only meant for information dissemination, like newsletters and monetizing the platform is either tedious or impossible.
  • Cost implications: requires more workforce to work on the same media byte which goes a lot easier on any other platform
  • Statistics of Campaigns: Open rates, click through rates, bounces, unsubscribes, click-to-open rates when compared to the likes, shares and comments business seem less worthy because of the difference in number.

Making a Sale on the screen itself is what Email Marketing is known for in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France etc. So while we’re busy demeaning the true potential of this Digital Marketing Jewel, there are some cold facts that one should know before diluting one’s email campaign to a mere newsletter convention.


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  • For more details on how Email Marketing Campaigns can be harnessed to run Holistic Marketing Operations, contact Wit Write Creative Solutions.

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