Cats as Pets: Know one, Own one, Care for one

We were asked to put together a story as a sample of our creative might with Human interest content. The topic being ‘Cats as Pets’. That was the best thing that could happen to Wit Write Creative Solutions, as out of all the Senior Content Knights that empower our operations, two are proud Catdads. We asked them to put together a piece for the story and this is what they came up within a short period of time.

The lessons of Raunak and Shubham with ‘Missy’ and ‘Donald’…


Cats and Human Personalities

There isn’t enough feline love in this world for humans to grasp and maybe that’s the reason why we don’t that have that many Catdads and Cat Lovers. As long as we’re not comparing pets there’s something about Cats that get to a different league of people. People with a distinctive combination of personality traits like Non-Conformism and absolute abundance of apathy, people who’re most creative but most introverted; we’re one chasm of emotion catered by these amusing little fellows. Let’s get a little bit more to know about them…

Citizens of the World: Cats

The American Shorthair: Generally termed as the naughtiest ones. With their high energy levels and great digestive appetite, they are literally like young kids on Energy Bars. Strangers generally have a hard time meeting up with them, but once you get to know them, they’ll scratch before you dare to leave them.

Australian Mist: If there was ever a friend of children made from heaven it was this Australian wonder. The Ultimate Homebody cat, with very less weight and comparatively good enough life extending to mid-teens sometimes. A perfect companion for your kids to grow with.

Bengal Cats: considered the sleepiest cat breed with exotic eyes and spotted coat. They are mostly found playing in the water and one cautionary note; they shed a lot of furs.

Pamper ‘em well, and they’ll pamper right back

Considering that all pets need some specialized care, there are but a few special needs of a kitty. We’ve lined up some information about how can you find some customized care products along with some tips to use them to better cater to the needs of your ‘curious-little-moggy’.

Cat Litter Boxes: Over the period of time, Phelinophobes have grown conscious of the hygienic needs of cats. Providing them with specialized private areas of littering, gives them a scope to adhere to some civility and also helps them in maintaining a good hygiene. Getting one’s very easy if you’re an online shopper. Just look for one that’s automated and comes with washable litters.

Cat Toys: Cats don’t manage well with those woolen balls for recreational stuff, now. They need something better and improvised. Get them a Catnip toy and they can go about the whole day without you even noticing, or maybe a food dispenser toy which rewards your love with some eatable for their effort in solving some puzzle. Now, who doesn’t likes a smart cat?

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Scratching Posts: Now where have you seen a cat survive the day without once scratching your couch as if it was the best scratching post in the world. They like to feel pampered, and apart from occasional combing, they need something to scratch their backs over. Get them a very tall, sturdy and good fabric Scratching post and you’ll love the way the pet appreciates your gesture.


You can’t know Cats unless you own one…

They’re creatures of less understood innocence and all they need is from the owner is to understand when they’re in the mood of something and not. Once we get across that bridge, then we can think about having their allegiance. Until then, consider them a Love sink, where you can shower all the love that oozes out of yourself. Find one and enjoy with her, there are only so many pets in this world, for you to find a soulmate and cats sure as hell are the ones you might not want to miss.

Wit Write Creative Solutions celebrates the spirit that cats render to our lives and cherishes the same served to us by our pets

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