My Experiments with SEO

As a skill or as an academic topic, SEO is something which I was never aware of until I graduated and entered into the Freelance Content Writing Business. When informed about this marvelous tool, I was taken aback by the kind of potential it holds in the field of Business Administration. It came up as a random topic during our conversations within the team of the Startup that we were trying to run in those times. The kind of Dynamic Website that we were planning for the venture required appropriate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to provide for Online Marketing, Website traction, and Online Sales Outreach. My colleague from the organization informed me about Black Hat and White Hat SEO, On-page and Off-Page optimization, Backlinking and all; every one of those went over my head. Clueless we didn’t realize that how useful and necessary his suggestion was in terms of magnifying our Online Presence among and create the small disruption that we were aiming at our startup.

In the later stages of my active attempt at being a Freelance Content Writer in the Industry, I found out that how limited my abilities were. Without having a first-hand idea about how actually my content was being understood by the Internet and the Stakeholders of World Wide Web I couldn’t make my mark in the trade and frankly speaking grow as a Freelancer. I then started to work my way around the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization by mostly reading articles and e-books. I soon realized that it wasn’t enough for me to just read about it, I needed a mentor and an active practice platform for the same.

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I enrolled in Free Audit of not one but three different the Courses in SEO studies at, and started my trial membership with Linkedin Learning to find two more courses regarding the same. It’s almost like once I’d been told about this concept, I was totally hooked on it like some voracious foodie. I found what a career in SEO meant, how could people approach it in different capacities in order to find different positions in Industry. Then I Searched for what a Site Audit meant, tried to know more about trying it on another WordPress website that I’d rolled out. Turned out I needed more than just information and I actually needed actionable tools. I finally found out that the initiation of SEO as a career is an intellectual process of inquisition only.

Trying to find out more and more about the trade terms, Jargons, and information about popular trends. Because that gives you leverage to decide a roadmap as to where should you concentrate your efforts at. This is the only form of study that I’ve found till date where you can start from anywhere and you might not need any prerequisites for any other related topics. You can start out of the blues by learning about Backlinking and you might not need to know anything about SEO Algorithms. You chose to learn about Attributions which would not need any background knowledge of Analytics or anything else. But it took me a very long time in order to work out all the details of the trade and I still haven’t been able to crack it all.

There are a few trade tips that any aspiring SEO professional should follow if they were to take my advice:-

  • Never trust one source of information and for multiple sources as well see to it how recent the information is. This is a trade in which norms and trends change within hours and days.
  • Keep a close eye on online contributors like MOZ, Majestic, LeadSquared etc. They are a constant source of information for Learning as well as Practical Mentorship.
  • Keep working out your skills Programming in HTML and CSS always. As much as people would tell you that it’s not necessary to know languages to be an SEO professional, they’re all not that informed.
  • You don’t need registers filled with information about the trade tactics of SEO, you need a test platform. Keep trying whatever you learn on a regular basis with a test website of yours. Every change you put in has to be mapped to the changes in the dynamics of Website performance and that’s how you’ll be able to understand the economics of it, not just the technology behind it or the rot literature.

Search Engine Optimization according to me is now in the medieval phases of Industrial Trends now, although the wide understanding and its collaboration with Analytics, IoT, and Deep Learning are yet to be explored but then again not making a move now would be foolish for any business and any aspiring Digital marketing Aspirant. Start now, even if you’re in your college or perhaps in school; the head start is not that hard to manage in this world of internet and it eventually can take you places. Happy Learning!

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