Why go for Cloud Gaming Infrastructure Solutions?

Cloud Gaming Infrastructure – What was so curious about ‘NETFLIX’ participating in last year’s E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo? The fact that the OTT giant is now embracing the rise of Cloud Gaming with its announcement of Netflix Original Games Panel. Cloud gaming Industry is slated to hit the mark of US$ 35 Bn. (approx.) with USA, Canada, Germany being prominent members of the Cloud-based streaming bandwagon. But is India ready for the next revolution in the gaming entertainment industry?

Performance of Indian Gaming Industry in 2019-20

Indian Online Gaming industry registered a staggering sum of US$ 600 Million (approx.) in FY 2018-19 revenues. At almost 25% CAGR Indian broadband subscribers are fueling the need for digital infrastructure for online gaming. Facebook instant games and fantasy gaming stood out as drivers of the Indian online gaming market in 2019. But over two-thirds of Indian game publishers marked technical scalability, specifically workload balancing issues during peak seasons (IPL, anyone!) as the main challenge for serving their users more efficiently.

Need for Cloud Gaming solutions for Indian Developers

Trends suggest that with the impending rollout of 5G services across the world, network technologies would try to harness what console-less gaming solutions have to offer. Cloud Services which would be capable of providing reference architecture to manage bulk loads, enable low latency for gamers and reduce operational expenses would be sought in the next 5 years.

With game streaming being a bidirectional communication between a thin client and cloud server, usage of encoders with a high compression ratio to mitigate the real-time communication between gaming platform, user and video streaming solution would become necessary. Indian IaaS – PaaS providers are also working towards developing dedicated cloud computing solutions to cater these needs.

Cloud Gaming inspired Digital Darwinism

69% of global responders to an E&Y survey in December 2019 claimed that Triple-A Games are going to find cloud gaming powered applications in smartphones and hand-held consoles. Any Game Producer – Developer Organisation runs the risk of technology darwinism in the coming 5 years if they do not switch to cloud gaming systems. And that’s something which has been confirmed by more than 151 world’s largest gaming publishers including Ubisoft India, Walt Disney India, and EA India.

India understands the sentiments of its 300 million gamers, who’d want more Cloud Gaming. There’s an underlying current among Indian developers to embrace what dedicated cloud solutions may have to offer for the gaming industry. How soon would it become evident to the business pundits and tech gurus is only a matter of time. Going for cloud based gaming infrastructure if no longer a survival tactic of Indian eSports publishers. It’s more of a survival necessity in the coming times.

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