A close encounter with DC Avanti: Indian Supercar

Why DC Avanti got my attention?

Tell you what, I recently stumbled on some websites for Car reviews and found one of them specifically sporting a lot of reviews and content about multiple upgrades of some Coupe Styled car by DC Design called Avanti. There might be a few ignorant souls on earth and god might help them someday but, for those of us who’re unaware about what DC stands for, let’s just say if Spielberg was to be an Automotive designer born in India, he’d probably have been called Dilip Chhabria.

It hasn’t been established yet but I dread to reach the end of the argument in finding the reason as to why do Cars capture the masculine imagination in ways impossible. It took me almost a total of eight minutes to reach from a Car perfume review for which I was doing my research (like that’s some lab experiment I did on internet!!); to the auto blog and I dare you not, but it took me another 145 minutes to realise that I had read 26 reviews for cars from 2012 to 2018. Maybe it’s the engineer boiling within, missing the smell of motor oil from the college workshop or perhaps the sheer misguided perception of orienting speed and power with male identity; but anyways we were to talk about DC Design Avanti 2015 Upgrade Special edition that till date thrives in the hearts of enthusiasts.

India does make indigenous Sports Cars…

The tagline for this marvel suggests that it’s meant to make you feel alive so I thought, that to try and have an idea about what feeling alive while driving a sports car means. To us, the layman audience that might be like feeling the wind pass by, or for that matter the jerks and inertial motions that are inflicted on one’s body while in a fast car, the sheer pleasure watching things go by etc. For a Car enthusiast from Madras Motor Sports Club (off the record), it would be the imagination that drives one’s flick of hands and toes in the momentary realization of the octane power that lies in his/her control.

DC Avanti is India’s take on the Supercar Market that the other famous European counterparts like Pagani, although a very amateurish attempt; it can somewhat be called a Semi-SuperCar. After reading that it has only got 4 cylinders of Ford 2.0 liter engine (later changed to Renault Turbo Charged Version), I couldn’t help but wonder if India ever produced an indigenous V6 or V8 engine; but unfortunately, that reality is a little far from happening now. The 250 bhp engine at 5500 rpm is something that’s moderately in the league of the Supercars that traverse in places where roads are actually suited for their usage. Otherwise at 0-100 in 6 seconds this one sure does the job for Indian highways if by any freak chance one decides to take a stroll eventually.


From the diary of an Engineer: Avanti features I liked

But those are the trivial details that anyone can find by scrolling Auto blogs. What I liked when I went to the official site of the Avanti and DC Design is the sheer amount of modulations that the concept had gone through over a period of 5 years to finally convert into the marvelous thing that it now is. Profile view of the car from the 2008 concept till 2014 would make you observe the changes made to the fenders, splinters and side vent for engine intake design, but the change from 2014 to 2015 is remarkable both technically and aesthetically. The side vent went from being a curvilinear imposition of surfaced airflow replicating the actual vortex flow went on to become flat-lined. Technically that to me is the detailing that took it to being road safe and aerodynamically proficient in terms of countering the possible vortex that might have formed because of the curve.

Encountering the real thing: DC Avanti at Pune Workshop

To have witnessed the monstrosity is another experience that is unmatched to ogling a BMW from the regular DTC bus window while it glides past you in a split second. I went down to Pune for an assignment recently and had the chance to see Chinchwad Workshop outlet. The first thing I was hooked onto was the actual feel of a wedge negative sports car. Although some might argue that DC Avanti is a wedge neutral thing but the looks and the live view suggests otherwise.

Besides the wedge, the styling gives you a kind of Kammback quaint feeling, which replicates with the Dilip sense of Aerodynamics and Indian optimization of it. The carrorserie of the machine comes to life the moment you lay hands on it. They don’t allow you to but, eventually, you can always manage just a whisk of it. All I could think about was the insides of it. Which I came to know were customizable. The look inside though is almost as fascinating as well. I particularly didn’t like the un-upgraded the Infotainment board, maybe some things are best left unaltered I believe. The programmable TFT screen is something that I’d only heard of, but to see it in action was an experience.

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The outcome and effect of Avanti

The only memory that I left the showroom with was the exhilarating hope of driving it someday. If wouldn’t have to be mine by for the moment that I would be behind its steering, it indeed would be; and that’s all that one needs to find the peace of life. DC with this model has at least made the statement that Indian Automotive Industry is sure not something to be trifled with when it comes to indigenous practices. If it comes to the necessity we very much have the brains and the resources to make possible a club of cars that streets of new york and highways of Sweden might crave for.

Back to the question: Why men love cars?

Although I just tried tracing back the notion I first mentioned in this blog entry while writing it; about masculine imagination being so intrigued with cars; and all I could find was a University of Berkeley White paper study suggesting that masculinity has been associated with cars mostly because of the pretext of limitations that women suffered due to travelling restrictions of Historical Societies. To that I say, ‘It’s all folly…” we just happen to be intrigued more by the science of it rather than its effect, the same way we are always intrigued by the anatomy of female psychology. Both of them are constant pursuits of male imagination aching for a higher understanding of that which blows our minds off. Something that’s hard to come by when you are the perfection itself.

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